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    Retaining Walls
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    Natural Stone
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    Walkways & Concrete Overlay
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    Driveways & Lighting
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    And so much more...
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We are people who have a passion for landscaping and have chosen to pursue it as a professional career.  We are constantly developing and upgrading our skills in all areas so that we can be the best, and so you can have the quality landscape provider that you deserve.
Quality and exceptional customer service. We strive to be first class in all that we do. From the moment we meet you and your family, to the after sales service call, you can count on us!
We will go above and beyond for you and will not quit until you are satisfied. Our experienced landscapers, state of the art machinery and a passion for the work will translate into a beautiful, hassle-free creation for your home.
We are always glad to hear from folks who are or may be interested in landscaping. This is energizing to us! We can help you make your dreams a reality! Please call us to find out more, we look forward to earning your business.


We are rolling folks! The season is in full swing and we are looking to live it up...outside and soak in that goodness. Call today for a free estimate! 613-698-8523

We have cedar flowerbed boxes for sale!
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

Referral Program!

This year we would like to introduce a new referral program.

Any referral which materializes into a project, we will provide a $100 kickback!******

*Project must be at least $2500 in value excluding HST
** Referral must be stated to Prime Interlock ahead of scheduled estimate, identifying itself as a referral
​***Kickback is provided to person who provided referral, not the recipient of the project