Prime Interlock has been in business since 2012.  The summer of 2016 will be our fifth year putting interlocking pavers, stone patios and fences & decks together. Whether you are looking for some quality stone work, a fence, a pergola, a deck, new sod or anything else outside, we are your solution. Our team of experienced and dedicated landscapers will deliver the results you want. We also do landscape design. We believe that a landscape design is an essential part of the building process because it ensures our clients will know exactly what they are getting before the work begins so there is no room for miscommunication. 
 In this relatively short amount of time, we have built a respectable client base, a reputation of quality and customer service and have made many connections within the industry as well as acquired modern and quality machinery. We are not a bunch of guys with shovels and an old pick-up truck. We take landscaping very seriously. Our goal is to be professional and personable, leaving only quality experiences of trust and satisfaction with all who we deal with. 
We believe it to be the way we do business with our clients.
First, quality construction is standard. We do not engage in carrying out less than first class construction, anytime. What do we mean by this?  Well, when we take on a project, all the basic standards of construction are exceeded. For example, for pathways, it is a 12" excavation depth, not 6". A driveway is minimum 20". Geotextile fabric, brick edging (snapedge), and polymeric sand are standard inclusions. So are thinner layers of aggregate compaction (with at least a 200lb machine) finished edges, and thorough clean up. These, to us, are just basic principles. We only use top name manufacturers of tools to ensure trusted quality.
Second, we are truly focused on client service and satisfaction. Our leaders, are carefully chosen to this effect. Basic things like punctuality, manners and cleanliness are strictly observed. Before we leave at the end of the day, everything is as neat and tidy as possible. When we interact with our clients, they know that they come first.

Next, we are 100% direct and honest. This means our contracts are easy to read, there are abosolutely no hidden costs and we come to you before problems start. We want to build positive relationships. It's a lot of little things that will make dealing with us so easy and pleasant.

Third, this is our passion! You'll know it when you see it. We show up clean, energized, on time and ready to work. Our machinery is modern, our team is experienced and well rounded. Our employees are chosen carefully and only those who are interested in landscaping as a career make our team. We preach quality, and we live it. Who do we want to be in this industry? The answer is simply the best.
Other Success Factors:
We have a master business licence
We have insurance
We are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
We have many references
We have a comprehensive portfolio

***A note about BBB*** 

We do not purchase a subscription to the 'Better Business Bureau.' There are a few facts that have influenced our choice.

First: it is a private, for-profit business. It is not a governing body. Any business can sign up with them and pay to display their logo provided they meet a few very basic things. It is incredibly easy to be 'BBB accredited' so therefore, we don't believe this to be a worthy judge of charachter.

Second: If a complaint is made against your business to them, it is still displayed.

Third: In truth they do not have any power whatever to resolve conflicts. They are able to publish something on their page.  Anybody can make a complaint for any reason.